Bridge of Angels May 23 2015

God has blessed us with another Saturday… to be servants with fashion, a smile, and with so much compassion to those who are lost…broken…and hungry.  Bellies are being nourished with delicious food, ears are being filled with the word of God, and the prayer team lay hands on those who need healing.  The LOVE of God at work!







Bridge of Angels May 16, 2015

Saturday, May 16 at Bridge of Angels under the I-35 freeway at 7th street (we are there every week from 10am-1pm!!) Heer are a few pics of the mighty servants who show up every week to give their best to the homeless and be blessed in return for the experience:
Francis Boafo collects trash every week and ministers to everyone who will listen–here he is going to the ones who won’t come any closer than the sidewalk. Francis is the author of 3 incredible books, the most recent… is ‘Treasure in Earthen Vessels’. He had a book signing at Barnes and Nobles 2 weeks ago and sold out!! This book is a must read!!
Pastor Rick is preaching the fire out of the Word! Oh Boy—he let us all have it!!! And when he called them up for prayer they came. 3 men gave their lives to the Lord!!
And the last pic is of Krystle as a mouse. She loves to make the people smile and laugh while she is serving them and it works!!! Thank you all, mighty servants of the Lord Most High!! God bless you week.





Bridge of Angels May 9, 2015

Mighty servants of God blessing those who are in need of  food, clothing, and healthcare.  We continue to praise and worship him in ALL things!  Thank you lord, for working through us to be a light in the darkness.








Blessing in Reynosa, Mexico

“Many of you may remember the story this young girl in Reynosa, Mexico. She needed a wheel chair and now she has it! Thank you so much Pointe of Hope for acquiring the wheelchair and getting it down there! This makes such a huge difference for Perla and for her caregivers! Thank you all for your prayers and your support in so many ways!! You are making a huge difference in Jesus name!”








A miracle in Hidalgo!!!

This morning Victor came into the Power Church service for the first time. He had been hit by a car last week Saturday. he had a broken collar bone, could not move his fingers, his toes had been broken and he was going to have surgery. see the pictures!!! PRAYER AND MORE PRAYER AND THEN WHEN HE GOT HOME HE WAS OUT OF THE WHEEL CHAIR AND USING HIS FINGERS AND STANDING UP!!! AND WHILE HE WAS IN THE CHURCH HE RECEIVED THE LORD AS HIS SAVIOR AND MASTER!!! HALLELUJAH!!!
















Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico


Our mission trip to Hidalgo included a trip to the Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico. Gator Carter and his wife Diane have so much love for these children and they are thriving!! Take a look at all the pics. The children all have chores, such as washing dishes and cleaning up—just like the rest of us :-) ) At this orphanage, everyday they eat the beans y’all provide!! And thank you, Tammy and the hand puppet team—your puppets will make their way into orphanages and schools and provide such joy!!!













From Hidalgo, TX

Hello from Hidalgo TX at the Mexican border!! Saturday was a blessed day at the power church. The people received a 26ft uhaul truck full of great clothing, furniture and items for their use and the use of all the people that they reach. They also now have enough rice and beans for a few more months. Pastors Ezequiel and Edith are reaching far into the mountains of Mexico to minister to the people and give them rice and beans. One on-fire preacher came down from the mountains to receive the rice and beans—they were starving—no food at all. Thank you all so much for your blessings to all these people who have so little.

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Mission trip to Hidalgo–April 17-20, 2015

Dear Friends and Mighty Servants,
We are once again going on our quarterly mission trip to Hidalgo, TX at the Mexican border and are excited for what the Lord will do! The dates are April 17-20.  Pastor Ezequiel of the Power Church in Hidalgo is so thankful for the rice and beans that you have blessed them with each time we go. They have been able to feed many of the most needy people—and many are coming to the church and receiving Christ as they experience the love in action!!! They are now also providing rice and beans to 3 orphanages across the border.  Y’all are blessing hungry ones of God.
God bless you mightily today and for all you do for the Kingdom of God!!!
With love, Pastor George and Paula Crisp

Baptism September 2013

Hi Everyone!!
Just wanted to share the joy and love of a very special day yesterday when 18 people were baptized at Emma Long Park!!!  About 75 of us gathered together for a BBQ meal, fellowship and to celebrate the baptisms in Christ!!!!  We were able to bring about 25 of our homeless freinds with us and they loved being out in the park and away from the streets for a few hours.
Thank you all for your hard work, love and support to make this all happen for the Glory of God!!!!
With love, Pastor George and Paula
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There’s nothing in this world more powerful than the Name of Jesus!

In that wonderful Name, you find the power behind everything we do at Angels Healing and Recovery Church. When we work among the poor and suffering to help meet their needs, we do it in the Name of Jesus. As we demonstrate His love, we have opportunities to share the Gospel and tell the lost that forgiveness and eternal life are found only in the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

We encourage you to take a few minutes to look through the pages of our website and prayerfully consider how God might have you to respond.

On behalf of all those we help, thank you for your faithful prayers and generosity. May the Lord richly bless you.

The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of the sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.” Luke 4:18-19